Our staff is composed of high skilled people united to one common goal: give emotions. Imprint of our young chef, always present in our dishes, gives life to small but cozy, rustic and romantic restaurant.

“Il Granaio” is run by a family and thanks to collaboration of friends who decided to embark on this fascinating job path between food and culture, made of conscious exchanges between what we offer to the costumers and the satisfaction that they donate in return.

More than a job, it has become a lifelong passion that gratifies us every single day enriching our lives: giving a great experience and making our visitors happy and satisfied, perhaps after having admired Michelangelo’s David, or Brunelleschi’s Dome, the Chappelle Medici, Giotto’s Bell Tower, Palazzo Vechio or the Uffizi Gallery, is exiting and gives us pride and satisfaction.

Our goal is not to get a Michelin star, but to welcome and make you feel comfortable and happy: just as we are a family we want our costumer to feel welcomed in our home and be part of it.